FREE Workshop: How I Write Bestselling Novels (With Sales of Over 70 Million Copies)


Jerry Jenkins

In This FREE Workshop, You'll Learn:


The process Jerry's used to write an average of 4 books a year since 1974, even though he's a huge procrastinator. He'll show you how to make writer's block a thing of the past.


How to turn the fear that's been holding you back into the motivation you need to be productive every day.


The classic story structure you can employ to write a novel with the best chance to succeed. 


How to grab your reader by the throat from the get-go. The success of your novel hinges on your ability to hook readers early and hang on.


How to avoid the writing mistake that can slow you and even bring you to a dead stop.


Jerry's most effective self-editing techniques and why they're so crucial to your success.

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